Feel the warmth of a close-knit community.

The best thing about hometown living is knowing that you belong. There’s always a warm smile and a familiar face to turn to for a cup of sugar, your kid’s carpool or simply to shoot the breeze with. At Punta Altezza, you get not just ideal neighbors, but friendships to last a lifetime.

Punta Altezza’s wholesome environs and neigborly charm make it the perfect choice for your first home. With flexible house-and-lot packages and leisure amenities waiting to be enjoyed. Punta Altezza is a flourishing community you would be proud to call your own.

HLURB LTS No. 14196-R4A-05-02

All details are subject to change without prior notice and do not form part of an offer or contract.


Training center • Basketball court • Parks and playgrounds


How to get there:

Punta Altezza is located within the Ciudad de Calamba
township, which allows you to live life to the fullest
in a complete Live-Work-Play environment.

From South Luzon Expressway, take the Batino Exit and
turn right at AVON, turn left at Nestle then follow the
directional signs going into Ciudad de Calamba.


Residential Lots
Typical Lot Cut: 110 to 120 sqm


Average Lot Size: ± 120 sqm
Usable Floor Area: ± 157.50 sqm


Average Lot Size: ± 120 sqm
Usable Floor Area: ± 157.30 sqm


Average Lot Size: ± 100 sqm
Usable Floor Area: ± 90.10 sqm


Average ot Size: ± 100 sqm.
Usable floor area: ± 90.10 sqm.


Average Lot Size: ± 100 sqm.
Usable floor area: ± 90.70 sqm.